Cultural Intelligence

With Mario Solvago

04 October 2023 12:15 till 13:15 - Location: CLASSROOM 1, 22.F205, BUILDING 22 | Add to my calendar

Cultural Intelligence workshop

As students, we are dealing every day with peers having different backgrounds and origins, ways of communicating and interacting. Our values and ways of working might be different and very dependent on our own culture. We might understand the communication and behavior of others in various ways.

How can we develop even further our own cultural awareness and cultural intelligence? How are we influenced by our own cultural filters? Do we always understand how other cultures are dealing with: direct or indirect communication, disagreeing in a confrontational manner, direct or indirect feedback, dealing with time in a flexible or well-planned schedule? How can we apply all these aspects for an effective interaction and learning process? These are questions we will be answering together in this vivid and interactive workshop.

You will leave the workshop with a better understanding of each other’s behavior, way of communicating and able to take more action to strengthen the feeling of belonging in our international classes.  

Mario Sovago
Educator in Physics

Target group
(PhD) students

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Food and/or Drinks
Lunch will be provided. Please enroll for free vegetarian lunch.

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Wheelchair accessible