From Diversity to Inclusion: ideas and suggestions to become a more inclusive organization.

Met Annemieke Nijhof (CEO of Deltares) en Marijn Pijnenburg (Global Business Development Executive/Marketplace Diversity Leader at IBM)

04 October 2023 15:30 till 17:00 - Location: Room F, CEG Building | Add to my calendar

Strengthening inclusion policies is a first order target in our Faculty/University. Acknowledging feed-back and different opinions, increasing transparency of decision-making processes, searching for different opinionsā€¦ there are many ways to make our organization more inclusive.  The two speakers play a key role in developing ED&I policies in their organizations and will tell us more about their experience and share suggestions and ideas with us.

Target group
Academic and support staff, and PhD students.

Type of event
(Panel) Discussion

Food and/or Drinks
Coffee and tea will be provided.

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