Reclaiming Our Narrative: Safeguarding the Queer Community from Far-Right Hijacking

With Ajay Jagadeesh en Julien van Campen

05 October 2023 18:00 till 19:00 - Location: Lecture Room A, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering | Add to my calendar

This vital event explores the urgent need to protect the LGBTQIA+ narrative from distortion by far-right groups. Our panel will delve into the tactics used by these groups and their impact on marginalized communities. Discover strategies to reclaim and amplify authentic voices, forge alliances, and confront misinformation effectively. Gain the knowledge and tools necessary to counter far-right influences and create a future of inclusivity and justice.

Target Group
Academic and support staff, and (PhD) students.

Type of Event
(Panel) Discussion - Dialogue

Food and/or Drinks
Drinks will be provided.

Registration Link
There is no registration needed 

The room is accessible