Cupid’s Archery Tag

14 February 2024 18:00 till 19:00 - By: Communication | Add to my calendar

Come give Cupid a hand this Valentine’s Day! Grab a bow and arrow and steal somebody’s heart during a game of archery tag. Don’t worry, no one will get physically hurt, the arrows have a ball on the end. Are you up for a fun challenge?

No plans yet this Valentine’s day? Come join us! Archery tag is a game of tag, where players use bow and arrow to shoot each other. Each player has three lives, represented in the shape of a heart. Try and take other’s hearts but be careful not to lose your own!

Depending on the game, we play either individually or in teams.

Bring your sportswear, good energy and be ready to meet new people and just enjoy this fun and lighthearted game. And who knows... Cupid might surprise you today!



Wednesday 14/02 | 18:00 – 19:00 | X3A | Students €2, Employees €3, Others €4