Student projects

Please contact the corresponding TU Delft supervisor to discuss the project details and to gain more insight. You can follow this procedure to indicate your interest.


Not all research topics have a clearly defined thesis lined up. In this group, we also work on co-cultures (combining bacteria and yeasts) and stem cell differentiation in bioreactors, so if you are wondering about the possibility to do a thesis on that topic, please contact the corresponding PhD and PI. 

MEP - Sample-free and real-time bioreactor monitoring with Raman spectroscopy

This position is filled

Supervisor: Maarten Klaverdijk (TU Delft)

In this project you will be able to gain experience with state-of-the-art Raman spectroscopy and automatic bioreactor monitoring. Raman spectroscopy is an analytical technique that provides chemical data (glucose, products, etc.) as well as biological data (cell concentration, viability etc.) from a single spectrum. This is highly relevant for bioprocess engineering and bioprocess development research in industry and academia as it allows us to follow what is happening in the bioreactor in real-time without sampling. In this project you will design and perform experiments and use your own data to build machine learning models to ensure robust real-time monitoring applications. More information: Project Description

MEP - TU Delft & Erasmus MC: Experimental optimization of tumor cell line expansion 

This position is filled

Supervisor: Marieke Klijn (TU Delft) and Koen Bezemer (Erasmus MC)

In this project you can utilize the unique LST combination of bioprocess engineering expertise and wet lab skills to make a true impact on society. The Core Facility for Cell and Gene therapy at Erasmus MC is looking for alternative production methods to optimize the tumor cell line expansion to produce tumor lysate-pulsed autologous dendritic cell immunotherapies. You will evaluate the current bottlenecks in the process and perform an empirical pilot study to evaluate the applicability of microcarriers to realize a bioreactor-based production process. More information: Project description