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Following the initiative of the four members of de Jonge Akademie from TU Delft and with the supports of the Executive Board and the deans  the Delft Young Academy was founded on February 15th 2022 combined with the appointment of the first DYA Board. The presentation of the board took place on March 15th. You can watch the event here!

Delft Young Academy: our vision

The Delft Young Academy (DYA) is envisioned to be a platform for the development of academic leadership of and cooperation between early career researchers. Future leaders of TU Delft should be prepared and capable to think beyond the borders of their own discipline and faculty. DYA can prepare early career researcher for their future roles. DYA helps to build a university wide network of scientists. Additionally, DYA helps to build a network of external stakeholders (e.g. KNAW, NWO, OCW). This allows members more opportunities to influence university, national or even international academic policy.


Following de Jonge Akademie, at many Dutch universities young researchers organise themselves in ‘Young Academies’. These academies were formed based on the idea that

  • It is important to think about the importance and organisation of science beyond university (and country) boarders;
  • there should be attention to the role Early Career Academics can have in the academic policy;
  • and that Early Career Academic should have a voice and a platform.

Examples of what young researchers can achieve if they organise themselves are:

  • De Jonge Akademie wrote this guide as an introduction to Dutch research and higher education, it serves as a support document for researchers and instructors who are unfamiliar with the Dutch academic setting.
  • A smarter Academic Year (an analysis of the academic year in the Netherlands and elsewhere by De Jonge Akademie)
  • Climate Helpdesk (Initiated by Scientists4Future NL and the Utrecht Young Academy and co-funded by The Young Academy.)

Goals and characteristics

In Delft the goals of the Young Academy are:

  • Spark dialogue and cooperation between disciplines and faculties
  • Facilitate that early career academics develop a vision on academic policy and have a voice
  • Support the professional development of early career academics
  • Connect science, technology and design with society.

At most universities, membership of the Young Academy is reserved for a selected few. In Delft we decided on a different, more inclusive approach. DYA will be a platform with involved members and an active board. To poll the enthusiasm of the DYA community, we organized an event for the community in November 2021.

DYA board

The first DYA board was appointed on February 15th 2022. This board represents the community of early career academics at TU Delft, so feel free to get in touch with one of the board members for a chat! The board will take a rotating form to ensure continuity and alternation. The members of the first board are:

  • Dr. Darinka Czischke                                 ABE
  • Dr. Delphine De Tavernier                         AE                      
  • Dr. Juan Manuel Duran                             TPM     
  • Dr. Jazmin Zatarain Salazar                      TPM                      
  • Dr. Cees Haringa                                       AS                        
  • Dr. Gerwin Smit                                         3mE                    
  • Dr. Mariet Sauerwein                                 AS                        
  • Dr. Sid Kumar                                            3mE                    
  • Dr. Michael Weinmann                              EEMCS               
  • Dr. Angelo Accardo                                   3mE                    
  • Dr. Francesco Avallone                             AE         

Meet the board: 

The board is supported by Dr. Birgit van Driel (Strategic Development).

Practical information

For who – Scientists graduated PhD less than 10 years ago with a minimal contract of 0.6FTE at TU Delft.

Registration – Do you fit the requirement, do you want to join the informal DYA community or do you want more information? Please contact us!

On 3 November the first Delft Young Academy event took place. During this inspiring meeting, early career researchers from TU Delft got to know the concept of Young Academies, got to know each other and discussed themes a Delft Young Academy could/should get involved in.

Dr. Ir. Birgit van Driel (SD)

Delft Young Academy

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