DYA Board

Board Member selection

All the information about the selection of the new Board Members can be found below.

Full application deadline: April 28th 2023.

Criteria to become a board member

  • You are a member of the DYA.
  • You are available for two full academic years ( Sept. 2023 to Aug. 2025).
  • You are availability for approximately 4h/per week.
  • The supervisor/department chair should support your DYA Board candidature.

Your role as a DYA Board Member

As part of the Board, you will meet once a month with all board members during the monthly Board Meeting. During this meeting, internal progress updates and external topics are discussed and decisions that affect the community are made. Furthermore, there’s enough room to talk about personal initiatives. Depending on your interests, there are specific tasks/roles that you could take as a DYA Board Member. Based on the current workplan (updated annually), the board is divided in three focus teams: the Events team, the Policy team, and the Collaboration team. Additionally, the board has 2 (co)Chairs, a budget responsible, and a communications team for the day-to-day academy business.

Application procedure

The application procedure consists of two parts:

  1. Complete a small Survey with background information and write a Motivation letter. The Motivation letter should include answers on the following questions:
  • Why would you like to become a board member of the DYA?
  • What do you find important topics for DYA and why?
  • What would you like to achieve as a board member?
  • Why does a board membership fit your current development?

For the application you should use this application form to complete the Survey and write your Motivation Letter. Based on these, candidates will be selected for the interview round.

Applications should be submitted via email: dya@tudelft.nl. Only applications sent by email will be considered.

The deadline for applications is the 28th of April. Based on these, candidates will be selected for the interview round.

  1. Interview. The interview will take approximately 20 minutes and will be used to get to know more about you and discuss your Motivation letter. The interviews take place in the second half of May.

Interview evaluation

Evaluation and selection of candidates are based on the following aspects:

  • Gender balance
  • Academic seniority
  • Faculty distribution (no more than two board members per faculty)
  • International composition
  • Impression of candidate
  • Vision of candidate
  • Expected commitment

Information sessions

We can imagine that you still have many questions and would like to hear the experiences of current Board Members. Therefore, we are organizing several information sessions online and at different locations on campus! The locations and dates of these information sessions are indicated below:

  • Building 23 (Civil Engineering faculty): March 14th 14:30-15:30.
  • Building 31 (TPM Faculty): March 15th 15:00-16:00
  • Building 62 (Aerospace Faculty: March 15th 14:30-15:30.
  • Teams’ information session: March 21st 12:30-13:30.

The location (or teams link) of the information session will be announced on the website and will be send to you in due time if you submit your expression of interest. Are you considering attending the information talks? Then we ask you to fill in this Expression of interest form.

DYA Board

The first DYA board was appointed on February 15th 2022.
Meet the board here:

This board represents the community of early career academics at TU Delft, so feel free to get in touch with one of the board members for a chat! The board will take a rotating form to ensure continuity and alternation. The members of the first board are:

  • Dr. Darinka Czischke                                 ABE
  • Dr. Delphine De Tavernier                         AE                      
  • Dr. Juan Manuel Duran                             TPM     
  • Dr. Jazmin Zatarain Salazar                      TPM                      
  • Dr. Cees Haringa                                       AS                        
  • Dr. Gerwin Smit                                         3mE                    
  • Dr. Mariet Sauerwein                                 AS                        
  • Dr. Sid Kumar                                            3mE                    
  • Dr. Michael Weinmann                              EEMCS               
  • Dr. Angelo Accardo                                   3mE                    
  • Dr. Francesco Avallone (until dec. 2022)  AE         

Public appearances of DYA board members

· Interview TU Delta to Angelo Accardo
· Interview TU Delta to Darinka Czischke