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05 December 2019

Towards single-cell biopsy with 3D printing

Murali Ghatkesar, assistant professor in the Department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering, has developed a new method through 3D printing that makes it easier, quicker and more efficient to perform single-cell biopsies. It is the first time that 3D printing is being used for the production of micro- and nanofluidic equipment. The results of his research were published in the scientific journal Lab on a Chip this month.

04 December 2019

Microchip for room temperature quantum internet

A key requirement for a future quantum internet is that it will be widely accessible and affordable. This requires the ability to prepare mechanical systems in their lowest possible energy state (the quantum ground state) without expensive cryogenics.

04 December 2019

A boost of €4,1M for joint proton therapy research to researchers of Erasmus MC, LUMC and TU Delft

On the 2nd of december the next round of funding has been awarded to 13 researchers within the HollandPTC R&D consortium. Their proposals have been selected from the second HollandPTC-Varian consortium confined call which took place last spring.

21 November 2019

‘Ruler-less measuring’ at crime scenes

Researchers at TU Delft and the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) have developed a new ‘ruler-less prototype’ that may make the use of a physical ruler at the crime scene redundant.

15 November 2019

How to Expand and Contract Curved Surfaces of all Shapes

Researchers at TU Delft have designed a dilation method that can be applied to any curved surface. The range of applications include medical braces for children, expandable furniture, or aortic stents.

15 November 2019

Researchers see rapidly hunting CRISPR system in action

06 November 2019

Research programmes Soft Robotics and Botanic Sensor networks at 4TU event

01 November 2019

Ariadna grant to explore 3D-printing using in-space lunar resources

MSE researchers (Dr. Vera Popovich) together with European Space Agency (ESA) and ADMATEC receive Ariadna grant to explore an out-of-box research idea aimed at developing 3D-printed functionally graded materials using in-space lunar resources.

01 November 2019

Materials experts join the corrosion community in China

31 October 2019

Artificial cell division a step closer to reality

Researchers at TU Delft have succeeded in replicating a biological mechanism that is essential for cell division in bacteria in the lab. The research is an important step within a larger, ambitious project with the ultimate goal of creating a fully artificial cell that can sustain and divide itself. The researchers have published their findings in Nature Communications.

29 October 2019

Dariu Gavrila receives IEEE ITS Outstanding Research Award 2019

29 October 2019

Bartel Van de Walle new member of WOTRO Steering Committee

The NWO Executive board has appointed TPM prof. Bartel Van de Walle as member of the Steering Committee of WOTRO Science for Global Development. WOTRO is very pleased to welcome Van de Walle, also because of his efforts to take science beyond the university walls and into society. At TU Delft, Van de Walle is also a member of the steering committee of TU Delft | Global Initiative.

25 October 2019

Sergio Grammatico: keynote speaker Energy-Open Workshop 2019

On 7-8 November Sergio Grammatico from the 3mE faculty will be the keynote speaker at the Energy-Open Workshop 2019 in Groningen. He will talk about "Equilibrium seeking in electricity markets".

21 October 2019

Neanderthal glue from the North Sea

Scientific research has revealed that a flint tool cased in a tar-like substance is actually one of the few examples of the use of glue by Neanderthals.

16 October 2019

Perfect match between student and supervisor leads to prize-winning design

Winner of the Inspiration Award 2019, IJsbrand de Lange, has much to thank his thesis supervisor for. “It’s because of him that my company got off the ground.”