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17 October 2017

Technology from TU Delft CardioLab allows early detection of atrial fibrillation

TU Delft recently launched the CardioLab, a collaboration with the Netherlands Heart Foundation and Philips Design. In the lab, smart technology is used to analyse data to detect cardiovascular disease at an early stage, in order to provide patients with more effective treatment in the future. On Tuesday 17 October, Leonard Moonen graduated from TU Delft on the first concrete result from the CardioLab: a sensor armband that can detect atrial fibrillation.

12 October 2017

Students Nuon Solar team world champion again

The Nuon Solar Team has convincingly won the 14th edition of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the world championship solar car racing in Australia. Nuna9 finished in Adelaide around 6.45, on the fifth day of the race. Their 3.000-km-long journey across the Australian Outback took them 4 days and about 6 hours. This is the Nuon Solar Team’s seventh championship title.

11 October 2017

First students to complete the Clinical Technology Bachelor’s degree think and talk like doctors and technologists

New technologies such as 3D printing and sensor chips are changing the face of medicine. But the first group of Clinical Technology Bachelor’s students have proven that even simpler, familiar technologies such as operating lamps and stethoscopes can be improved, as shown in their graduation projects.

10 October 2017

Nima Tolou, Assistent Professor Mechatronic System Design op BNR radio

10 October 2017

Amir Zadpoor appointed Antoni van Leeuwenhoek professor

On 10 October 2017 TU Delft’s executive board has decided to appoint Amir Zadpoor Antoni van Leeuwenhoek professor. Amir Zadpoor is chair of biomaterials & tissue biomechanics at the Department of BioMechanical Engineering.