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18 February 2020

2.75M EU grant for STEP4WIND

Project STEP4WIND aims at increasing the commercial readiness level of floating offshore wind energy.

12 February 2020

"Cycling under the highway, that's unique"

11 February 2020

Clean oceans thanks to robots and AI

A team of researchers at TU Delft, in cooperation with eight European partners from Croatia, France, Germany, and Romania are working on the development of autonomous robots for underwater littler collection.

10 February 2020

Data-driven approach to facilitate safe mobility

The research programme ‘Towards Safe Mobility for All: A Data-Driven Approach’ has been awarded a grant by NWO to conduct interdisciplinary research on human behaviour during transitions. The coordinator is Joost de Winter, researcher at the Department of Cognitive Robotics and expert in the area of human-machine interaction and car driving.

06 February 2020

NWO grants research proposal On the Move: Transition towards Sustainable Mobility

NWO has granted the research proposal “On the Move: Transition towards Sustainable Mobility”. This is a joint project of Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen and TU Delft. In collaboration with public stakeholders and private companies, this project develops and tests an innovative approach that systematically deals with uncertainties in a mobility system that needs to become more sustainable.

03 February 2020

Kick-Off DEI 2.0

On 29 January Kornelis Blok took over the role as Chair for the Delft Energy Initiative (DEI). Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen applauded Paulien Herder for her achievements as Chair for the last 6.5 years. DEI will forward here work with 4 main energy pillars and has chosen 4 new themes to help them grow.

31 January 2020

‘Professor, will you please come again some time?’

What if a robot shuts down during an operation? How long do you sleep every night? What kind of a suit is that you’re wearing? And what’s your biggest dream? A group of ten to twelve-year-old students from different primary schools in Delft listened with rapt attention to ‘their guest lecturer’, which was followed by a barrage of questions. 3mE-professors Jenny Dankelman, Paul Breedveld, Just Herder and Maarten van der Elst each visited a primary school class in the context of the unique ‘Meet the professor’ event and introduced mechanical engineering in a special way to the students.

30 January 2020

Discussion with fracture and damage specialist Carey Walters

In a candid article, Carey Walters, our 'fracture and damage’ specialist, tells us how his career has developed until now and about the difference between working as a scientist here in the Netherlands and in the United States.

30 January 2020

Angelo Accardo wins TU Delft Health Initiative Pilot Award

Angelo Accardo, expert in the area of Soft Micro- and Nano-system Technology for Life Sciences and Biology, received the TU Delft Health Initiative Pilot award. His pilot project will be about his research on the creation of standardized, reproducible and physiologically relevant 3D engineered cell microenvironments (3D Onco-Scaffolds) to be used as a benchmark tool for proton Radiobiology.

16 January 2020

Digital engine room in the towing tank

As a result of stricter environment regulation, ships will have to use renewable fuels more frequently in the future instead of diesel. This means that the familiar ship diesel engines will be gradually replaced by new technologies, such as gas engines and fuel cells. Often these systems have already been tested on land, but are they also safe for use in the open sea? To find answers to these questions, research Arthur Vrijdag and PhD candidate Lode Huijgens, who work at the Department of Maritime and Transport Technology (MTT), developed a globally unique Propeller Open Water (POW) setup.

09 January 2020

€3.3m research funding to establish trust in the internet economy

Sovereignty4Europe, an interdisciplinary research project that aims to start an online community of 50,000 internet users to evaluate the principles of an ‘internet of trust’, has received €3.3 million of research funding.

19 December 2019

Affordable and user-friendly renovation concepts

The new consortium IEBB stands for integrated energy transition for existing buildings and has received a 13,8 million euro grant to develop affordable and user-friendly renovation concepts in the coming years. Researchers from the faculties of Architecture and the Built Environment, Industrial Design Engineering and Applied Sciences at TU Delft are developing the necessary knowledge for, amongst others, innovative renovation concepts, digitisation of the renovation process, optimisation of heat pumps and energy performance of buildings, chain innovation and implementation.

18 December 2019

QuTech realises ‘MRI on the atomic scale’

Researchers at QuTech, a collaboration of TU Delft and TNO, have developed a new magnetic quantum sensing technology that can image samples with atomic-scale resolution.

16 December 2019

TU Delft works to create a natural gas-free built environment

The consortium WarmingUp, a new collective endeavouring to accelerate the creation of cost-effective and sustainable heating networks, has been awarded a grant worth €9.3 million by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) as part of its Long-Term Mission-Driven Innovation Programme (MMIP). Under the leadership of TNO, TU Delft has joined forces with other key players in the field of affordable and sustainable heat to form WarmingUp. The partners themselves are investing €9.5 million in its research programme.

12 December 2019

Millions for large-scale energy storage research