Dr. S.J. (Sonja) van Boxtel

Dr. S.J. (Sonja) van Boxtel



Dutch as a second language; second language acquisition; syntax; empirical research


Anéla doctoral dissertation prize (for best linguistic doctoral dissertation in the Netherlands in 2005)


Sonja van Boxtel studied General and Applied Linguistics at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. In 2005 she got her PhD at the same university with her dissertation 'Can the late bird catch the worm? Ultimate attainment in L2 syntax', for which she won the Anéla doctoral dissertation prize. In this dissertation it is shown that second language learners can achieve a native level of attainment for L2 syntax after the age of twelve, even if their L1 is not related to their L2. Since 2006, Sonja van Boxtel has been working as a teacher of Dutch as a second language, first in Rotterdam and since 2007 at the TUDelft. She is co-author of different course books of the Delft method and since 2021 she is editor-in-chief of this method, together with Piet Meijer. She is also involved in research relevant to the Delft method. 


Sonja has collaborated with (among others) the VU Amsterdam and the Radboud University of Nijmegen for the supervision of internships and MA theses.

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