Study Progress

At our faculty we have a mentor system for first year students and for students who are participating in bridging programmes. The mentor system offers our students guidance through their first year. 

Mentor system for first year students

At the start of the bachelor all first year students are placed into mentor groups. A mentor is a senior student who will help first year students getting around. In mentor meetings during the year students receive information about studying, student life and the education at our faculty, and share experiences, tips and tricks. The mentor group is also the first year project group.

Mentor system for students in bridging programmes

The mentor system for students in bridging programmes exists since 2002. At the start of the year the students meet with their two mentors. The mentors have been in a bridging programme themselves and support the students during their bridging programme by organizing meetings, providing  tips & tricks and sharing experiences. 

Become a mentor?

Would you like to guide first year students through their first year at our faculty? Sign up to become a mentor! In the fourth quarter mentors for the upcoming study year are recruited. Registration form will be online by then.