Quality of education

At TU Delft and the faculty of CEG we want to give students the best possible education. The department of quality assurance CEG supports the programs in organizing the quality assurance system. To monitor the quality of our educational programs, we applied the Plan - Do - Check - Act Cycle to our quality assurance system.

Courses are evaluated regularly in two different ways. Student feedback is obtained through EvaSys surveys and the Student Response Group. The figure below summarizes our evaluation process.

Your feedback is important

Student input is essential as your experiences and feedback are important indicators of our programs’ quality. Therefore, we very much welcome your feedback. As a student, you can make your voice heard and have a direct influence on the quality of your education by filling out EvaSys surveys and participating in Student Response Group meetings.

At the start and end of each academic period (i.e. each quarter), Quality Assurance organises evaluation meetings. Student feedback is the driving force of those meetings. In the Response Group, you interact directly with teachers and discuss course strengths and growth opportunities. Furthermore, it is a fun and instructive way to get involved in the education within CEG.

More information about the quality assurance system and which courses are evaluated can be found on Brightspace on the bachelor and master page under the heading 'Education and course evaluations'. The outcomes of the evaluation meetings can be found on the Evaluations TUD page on Brightspace under 'CITG / CEG'. You can access this page through self-enrolment in the Catalog.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and, as a thank you, several gifts will be raffled off among the participants of completed surveys each term. We thank you in advance for your support so we can ensure high-quality education for our students at CEG.


See below for our frequently asked questions.

Participation councils

Within CEG two more participation councils deal with the quality of education and facilities. These are the Board of Studies (OC) and Faculty Student Council (FSR). If you are interested in participating in one of these councils you can find more information on the pages of the various councils.

The OC is an independent committee within CEG, and may (unsolicited) advise on the quality of education. Via this site, you can find more information about the OC.

The FSR is a participatory body that has a say in faculty policy through various means. Through this site, you can find more information about the FSR.

Questions and additional information

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact: Evaluation-CEG@tudelft.nl. The links below will take you to the different Brightspace pages. On the Evaluation TUD page, you can find the published summaries per program. On the bachelor and master page, you can find an overview of the quality assurance system and the annual plans for the evaluations per program.