Academic attitude

We expect everyone who is part of TU Delft to have an academic attitude: the academic staff, support staff, guests, and students. The Code of Ethics formulates the ideals, responsibilities and rights that should be taken as guidelines. An academic attitude involves learning to trust your own critical abilities and being assessed on your own performance.

Fraud does not belong in this context. Fraud is a serious offence and therefore has serious consequences: don’t be tempted.

What is fraud?

By fraud, we mean all cases in which you suggest that something is your own work when in fact that is not the case. For example: copying, committing plagiarism, piggybacking and using fictitious research data. Here you can find more information about different forms of fraud and how to prevent them. You can also check our informative flyer: Fraud: do not be tempted


Lecturers report cases of suspected fraud to the Board of Examiners. The Board of Examiners issues a ruling on suspected fraud, they may impose a penalty that can range from a reprimand, exclusion from one or more examinations up to a one-year exclusion from all test or examinations at TU Delft. In very serious cases, you may even be expelled from the university.

Realize that you damage the reputation of the TU Delft and the whole academic community if you commit fraud.


  • Study regulary and seriously.
  • Create a study plan so that you can complete your assignments on time.
  • Take advantage of lectures, tutorials and practice exams.
  • Take care in applying the rules for quotation, paraphrasing and citation.
  • Practice citation and review examples in scientific texts.
  • Take responsibility in group assignments: every group member is responsible for the whole assignment. If one student commits fraud, the whole group gets a penalty!
  • In group assignments, be sure to make good agreements regarding the division of labour, and try to alternate roles. This way, you can gain experience with all tasks that you will need for individual assignments.
  • In case of doubt about citation and/or group assignments, ask your instructor for help.
  • Do not tempt others: allowing fellow students to copy your (group)assignment is fraud!
  • Make use of the online tips and explanations: