Application at IDE TU Delft

In order to apply for the Minor Study Abroad or Master Electives Study Abroad you will need to make a registration by filling out the online application form for Student Exchange in the TU Delft OSIRIS Student information system. The registration instructions will be provided just before the start of the registration period by e-mail and will also be announced on Brightspace.


Registration period

For the Minor Study Abroad you will apply for the Fall semester. For the Master Electives Study Abroad you may apply for the Fall or Spring semester.


Start date

End date - Deadline



15 November 2023

01 December 2023 23:59 CEST

Minor/ Master


15 May 2024

01 June 2024 23.59 CEST




Please make sure you are prepared for the registration period by:
•    Orienting yourself by reading the reports, our website + partner list and enrol on our Brightspace “Exchange IDE”;
•    Deciding on at least 1 and max. 5 partner universities of your interest. In the application form you will be able to select the partner universities;
•    Preparing the required application documents, see below;
•    Be aware of the deadline, so start in time!
Note: we have limited number of places available at each partner university so it will not always be possible to honour your first choice.


Required application documents

For the registration you will need to upload the following documents:

  1. Motivation letter;
  2. Curriculum Vitae;
  3. Transcript of Records with GPA;
  4. Language Proficiency Certificate (if applicable).

1. Motivation letter

A clear and relevant motivation letter for your first choice in English (±400 words). The motivation letter should fit onto one page (A4) addressing the following:

  • Why you are interested in studying abroad and what you expect to find/ learn there?
  • Why you wish to go to the university of your first choice?
  • Why you are the person who should go to this partner university?

2. Curriculum Vitae

A clear and relevant curriculum vitae (resume) in English. The resume should fit onto one page which might include the following:

  • Name, contact information and a short resume summary (profile or personal statement describes your qualifications and that gives a sense of your determination and drive);
  • Education (and accomplishments);
  • Employment history, this could also include volunteer positions, internships or extracurricular activities;
  • Relevant skills and abilities i.e. foreign languages, hobbies & interests.

Important: In case your study progress is not nominal, also provide a study plan on the next page of your CV.

3. Transcript of Records with GPA

Minor Study Abroad: A copy of your Transcript of Records with GPA (distribution of GPA results for the Bachelor Industrial Design) with all the results so far.

Master Electives Study Abroad: A copy of your Transcript of Records with GPA (distribution of GPA results for the Bachelor and IDE Master Programme) with all the results so far. Most Master students just started the academic year so we are aware that some of you do not have many or even not any results yet. If you have obtained your BSc degree outside of TU Delft please upload these results.

You may request your Transcript of Records with GPA at the Service Point of IDE or by sending them an e-mail from your TU Student email account to or via SPA Industrieel Ontwerpen by sending an e-mail to Please add your student number, date & place of birth to your e-mail. 

4. Language Proficiency Certificate (if applicable)

If you select a partner university where the language will be other than English, also upload a copy of your VWO transcript to show you have passed foreign languages such as German, French, Spanish or Chinese. Any other language certificate can be uploaded as well.



Once you have submitted the required documents and finished the registration, we will divide the exchange places among the applicants.

We will base the selection on:

  • Study progress;
  • GPA;
  • Motivation Letter and CV;
  • Available places



Some partner universities require a portfolio, see partner list. You will only need to provide the portfolio after you get selected and nominated by us at this particular partner university. Of course you can already start thinking about it and read the tips on our Brightspace: Content>Important documents for all> Tips for making a portfolio and motivation letter> Portfolio and motivation guidelines - Study Abroad.

So please be aware it is not a required document for your Minor Study Abroad or Master Electives Study Abroad registration at TU Delft!