Preparations before your exchange period

Registration MyTUDelft

You are obliged to register your contact details in MyTUDelft if you are going abroad on a study-related trip.

More information

Travel Safety Training

TU Delft Insurance

The university offers a collective travel insurance for those going abroad for study purposes.


When you go abroad for an exchange, there are several possibilities to apply for a scholarship. The common scholarships for IDE students are: Erasmus, STIR and Holland Scholarship.

New: the Mobility Team and FAST Universiteitsfond TU Delft have a “scholarship table” in the Aula Hall every Monday from 12.45 till 13.30 for information about study/internship/thesis/short stay abroad funding possibilities.
They will present the majority of all study abroad scholarships supported by TU Delft and can provide information about the funding options, application procedures and various other questions about your stay abroad.


Students with an EU passport do not need a visa to study in another EU country. See the Nuffic website for information about studying in other countries. If you are selected to study at a partner university in a country for which a visa is required, you should apply for this yourself and in good time. You will receive a letter of invitation and any other necessary papers from the host university for your visa application, and if needed the International Office can issue a Study Abroad declaration. For detailed information about visa and procedures you should contact the embassy or consulate of the guest country, Nuffic, or the website of the partner university. Make sure you begin your application in plenty of time. These procedures often require a good deal of patience, as well as time (and money). Students with a non-EU-passport should contact the International Relations/Visa section via the Front Office of the Central Student Administration.

OV-student card compensation

If you have a OV-student card financed by the government (Dutch students), you can receive a compensation for the months you are abroad. Please mind that you will only receive a compensation for complete months. The exact rules can be found on the DUO website. You can download a form on the DUO website or preferably use the form we send you (we have filled in most fields in this form). You can mail this form to us ( and we will mail it back to you. Please don't print and scan, we work completely digital.