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Going abroad, even for study/research/internship purposes, might bring risks that you may not expect in advance. To prepare you for these unexpected situations the university organises travel safety instructions. When you are planning to travel, you are obliged to participate in one of these instructions. The instructions are organised once per month/six weeks and you will need to register via the links above. In peak periods more get scheduled in. It is important to register for the instructions, because they will focus on the countries to be visited by the participants. You are also required to follow the guidelines of the Checklist Student Safety Abroad. This checklist provides important information regarding the colour coding system relating to foreign travel advice.

If you have recently followed the Travel Safety Training (within the last 2 years), you do not have to follow the training again. Check the current travel advice, travel insurance and don’t forget to register your trip in the MyTuDelft App before your departure.

Please contact should you have any further questions.



Medical Examination

For some countries, a medical examination prior to your visit is mandatory. The SGZ provides a free basic examination.
This basic examination does not include the following examinations.

  • Chest x-ray
  • Mantoux test for TBC
  • Laboratory or blood testing

The costs of these examinations vary so check with the health care provider.


TU Delft provides a reimbursement of €50 (only at the SGZ) for vaccinations during an internship or study trip if this is required or advised in the country of destination.

The SGZ deducts this reimbursement from the bill. To take advantage of this discount, you must bring a completed vaccination form with you.

If you have supplementary insurance, the vaccination costs may be (partly) charged to the health insurer.