The rules and procedures regarding the language requirements are often subject to change. Therefore, keep in mind that you should check the language requirements of the host university/ company yourself.

Before you leave, you must have a sufficient command of the language in which the courses will be taught or in which the language will be spoken on the work floor. Some partner universities require you to add language test results to your application. You must submit a certificate showing the language course you have taken or proof that you have registered for a suitable language course.

In addition to the language course taken before your exchange period starts, you can take an intensive language course abroad. The credit points allocated for language courses taken abroad can be honoured with credits in the elective space at some faculties. Contact your faculty international office for more info.

If you want to participate in a language course there are several options. In the table below you can find some suggestions. Of course there are a lot more possibilities!

Online Language Support

Students who go abroad within the Erasmus+ framework are required to complete an Online Linguistic Assessment, based on the results they will be automatically allocated a language course or can choose to receive an online language training. Further information can be provided by the mobility team about the available languages and scores.