Brand concept

At TU Delft, we aim to make an ‘impact for a better society’. We take on global challenges that affect everyone personally: the climate, the energy transition, urban growth, digital society, health.

We do all of this the Delft way – thoroughly, hands on, pragmatically, innovatively, with guts, outside the box and socially engaged. We always work on the basis of multiple perspectives and interests. Our solutions are future-proof. We do not work alone, but together with our partners.

Inspired by ambition, TU Delft works to achieve positive change through world-class research, teaching and innovation, whether it is sustainable aviation, clean water or the future of the internet.

The flame of Prometheus has long been part of the TU Delft logo. The flame symbolises pioneering technology, the fire, which Prometheus stole from the Olympic gods and gave to the people out of love for mankind. This continues to be a source of inspiration for the TU Delft engineer.

The brand concept is palpable in all TU Delft communications; in the style, the tone of voice and photography. The main elements can be found on this corporate identity site.