Highlight Delft: 15-17 February

News - 07 February 2024 - Communication

From 15-17 February festival Highlight takes place in the centre of Delft. This festival brings together art & technology and the theme this year is Do you see what I see, focusing on installations revolving around Artificial Intelligence and small particles.


Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is increasingly penetrating our daily lives. Pros and cons are becoming increasingly visible, but it remains unclear how AI will affect our lives in the future.

During three days visitors of Highlight Delft will have the opportunity to dive deeper into this theme and even experience this for themselves with SH4D0W. The international performance SH4D0W in which an AI, which attempts to become the ultimate human machine with the help of data from the audience, plays the lead role, will be shown exclusively in the Netherlands during the festival.

Two Highlight Delft hubs are the starting point of this route, The Social Hub and theatre de Veste. Between those two hubs, the route runs.

More information can be found on www.highlightdelft.nl.