Further process

Meanwhile, you applied for the European Wind Energy Master. As soon as your documents have been assessed, TU Delft will inform you if you are accepted or rejected. In the case that you are accepted, the next step of preparing your EWEM studies starts and you may have some questions about what happens next. We hope to give you some guidelines here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We also kindly ask you to inform us if you decide to withdraw your application.

We have not included the application for the Erasmus+ grant here, because students can choose if they like to apply for it. You will be informed about the procedure.

What happens next?

TU Delft will send you an official Admission letter that states that you are accepted (under conditions) to the EWEM programme. In this Admission letter, you are asked to accept the admission to your study.

Some additional tips

  • The introduction week at DTU is a good way to learn more about DTU and get to know your fellow students. The introduction week is (normally) organized the week before the first lecture. We do our best to organize a EWEM specific Welcome event as well.
  • Check already the website of the study association ASE Aeolus (https://www.ase-aeolus.com/home ). There might be some activities organized to get to know your fellow-students.
  • Check the website of your track to get an overview of your courses. Each track has two track coordinator (one from each degree-awarding university). They have to agree with your study programme and are therefore also happy to discuss your courses with you (you do not need to discuss it before the start of EWEM).
  • ​​​​​​​​Each university has dedicated local coordinators for EWEM students. You can contact them with administrative questions for their university. You will receive their contact details.