ASE Aeolus

ASE Aeolus is the Association for Students of EWEM, ASE Aeolus aims to enrich the student experience through organising educational, career-oriented and social events, strengthening the bond between members, cooperating universities, alumni, and the industry. Aeolus also works to champion student interests. Their website is available here:

Among other activities, ASE Aeolus created and manage a wiki to help the students for everything that concerns the master and the life in every university they are going to be. This wiki is meant to be filled out and used by EWEM students. You find it here:

Online student event for new EWEM students & Facebook group
As soon as the assessment has been finalized and all applicants have received their admission letter, Aeolus will create a closed social media group and organize an online student event. Both activities are organized to give new students the possibility to get to know each other and hear tips and tricks from current students. New students will be informed about it in May/ June.