New Users

Access for TU Delft users

For the access to EKL laboratories, you need to follow this procedure:

  1. Register in NanoLabNL Information System (NIS):
    Follow these instructions to register to the NIS system.
  2. Apply for the Safety & Introduction Course:
    Follow these instructions to register to the course.
  3. Follow the Course and pass the Test:
    After following the course, a test will take place.
  4. Submit the EKL Access Form:
    Download here, fill it, sign it and send it to

Access to the labs will be granted if applicant has passed Safety Training and if EKL Access form has been accepted. This will only grant you access to EKL facilities, in order to start using the different tools present in the lab you need to apply for a specific Training.

Access for external users

Applicants from outside TU Delft, need to contact Silvana Milosavljevic (Training Coordinator) and to discuss terms of access.


Access to the EKL labs is only valid for 1 year. To keep access it is required to pass a refreshment Safety Questionnaire.
You will automatically receive a reminder when your access is about to expire.

EKL Access Policy

EKL grants access rights according to the EKL Lab Access and Access Card Policy. To receive access rights, you must satisfy a number of criteria, mainly related to safety and administration. You can find the EKL Access Policy here.

2024 Schedule

EKL Safety Training

- February 14
- March 13
- April 10
- May 8
- June 12
- July 10
- August 14
- September 11
- October 9
- November 13
- December 4

Location: EKL01.180

2024 Schedule

Chemical Handling

- February 16
- March 15
- April 12
- May 10
- June 14
- July 12
- August 16
- September 13
- October 11
- November 15
- December 6