Other projects

  1. Agent-based Modelling and Analysis of Terminal and Baggage Processes: This research cluster aims to analyze and improve efficiency, security, and resilience of airport terminal & baggage operations. Within the projects relations between these factors are analyzed. A detailed, realistic agent-based model is being developed and scalable simulations  are performed in a developed modular environment. To validate & extend the models, multiple real-life tests are conducted.
    The projects are done in close collaboration with the airport, security- and baggage companies.
  2. Emergency Relief Airport: The ‘Emergency Relief Airport’ research program aims to support the airports’ role in humanitarian disasters by improving the logistics flow at the airport, and by strengthening the coordination role at the reception centre and On-Site Operations Coordination Centre (OSOCC).  This is done by using 1) gaming, modelling and simulation techniques, and 2) information management & technologies. More information about this initiative can be found here & here.
  3. EcoWall: The Eco-wall is a spatial solution for reducing the ground-based environmental impact of RTHA. It is a multifunctional concept that includes environmental barriers, buildings, vegetation, transport solutions and dedicated land-use planning.

For questions about Innovation Airport, please contact Elise Bavelaar (M.E.Bavelaar@tudelft.nl).