To ensure the success of the APPU project, a dedicated team of permanent staff and PhD candidates of the AWEP department of Delft University of Technology’s Aerospace Engineering faculty is committed to the project. The work on propeller integration is a key focus area of the Flight Performance and Propulsion, with many ongoing projects on propeller aerodynamics operating in non-uniform inflow.  On the other hand, the Propulsion and Power section has a track record in the design of advanced combustors and combustion modelling of alternative fuels. Together with the involvement of students, the various challenges of the APPU project are actively worked on.

Current team members

Supporting the work at TU Delft

Nicolas Tantot
Preliminary Design Future Engine Concepts Architect

SAFRAN Aircraft Engines


Panagiotis Giannakakis
Engine Performance Engineer



Dr. Lars Jörgensen



MSc Students

Simon Vermeijlen

“Numerical and Experimental investigation of the flow field within an Hydrogen Combustor”

Adrian Chaves Garcia

“Analysis of power BLI for Common Research Model (CRM) and APPU”

Aydin van den Bergh

“Design & testing of a swirl-stabilized methane combustor with axial air injection”

Thimo van den Berg

"Design and testing of a canonical combustor to study the effect of recirculation and NOx reburning”

Sparsh Garg

“Vertical tail wake deficit analysis and mitigation for APPU concept”

Vlad Popa

“Design & cold flow analysis of a dual swirl stabilized liquid fuel combustor”

Robbert de Keijzer

“Design of the APPU engine” 


Klaas Burger

“Emission analysis of an Airbus A321 with APPU”

Max van Splunteren

Maleen Hiestermann