Design & Analysis

Dr. Salvatore Asaro

Aerodynamic Modelling

Flight Control

Climate Impact

PhD Candidates

MSc Students

Current MSc Students

Koen Zandbergen

Design of Leading Edge Structures for Improved Energy Absorption Considering Bird Strike

Tiago Ferreira da Costa

Crashworthiness of the Flying-V Wing-Fuselage

Jonas Bertholdt

Identifying Critical Bird Strike Locations using Analytical Load Prediction Models

Aslan Bagirov

Design Methodology of Unconventional Aircraft Structures

Alberto van Meenen

Juncture Fillet Design for the Flying V

Vishesh Tawari

Optimal placement of Flying V control surfaces

Former MSc Students

Ir. Rowan Koenderink

Design Methodology for Unconventional Engine Mounting Structures

Ir. Shadab Eftekhar

High-Lift Split Flaps for the Flying-V

Ir. Antonio Marques Cavaleiro Machado Jorge

Quantifying Wind Tunnel Effects on the Flying-V

Ir. Marko Rehbein

Kinematic Design and Weight Estimation of the Flying-V Landing Gear

Ir. Ricardo van der Pluijm

Cockpit Design and Integration into the Flying-V

Ir. Sjoerd A. van Empelen

Engine Integration into the Flying-V

Ir. Jeroen van Uitert

Aerodynamic Add-On Effects on the Flying-V’s Aerodynamic Characteristics

Ir. Marleen Hillen

Parametrisation of the Flying-V Outer Mould Line

Ir. Nelson Johnson

Experimental Study of Winglet Integration and Rudder Deflections

Ir. Sjoerd Joosten

Lateral-Directional Handling Qualities Simulation & Evaluation

Ir. Godert de Zoeten

Engine Design Parameters Impact on the Flying-V’s Flight Performance

Ir. Corné van Woensel

Integration of a Cryogenic Fuel System into the Flying-V

Ir. YaĂŻr Brouwer

Aerodynamic Shape Optimisation of the Flying-V Centre-Body

Ir. Thom Dotman

Conceptual Topology of the Primary Structure of the Flying-V

Ir. Ties Nieuwenhuizen

Flying-V Conceptual Re-Design

Ir. Simon van Overeem

Flying-V Handling Qualities and Control

Ir. Mikal van Ieperen

Modelling of the Flying-V Noise Sources

Ir. Wilco Oosterom

Flying-V Family Concept Design

Ir. Matthijs Reekers

Climate Impact of the Flying-V

Ir. Kevin Siemonsma

System Identification of the Flying-V

Ir. Jackson Horwitz

Flying-V Winglet Design and Performance Modelling

Ir. Gijs Vugts

Handling Qualities Evaluation of the Flying-V by Pilot Evaluation

Ir. Mathias Claeys

Flying V Structural Analysis and Mass Comparison

Ir. Berta Rubio Pacual

Engine-Airframe Integration for the Flying-V

Ir. Marco Palermo

Longitudinal Static Stability and Control Characteristics of a Scaled Flying-V

Ir. Riccardo Torelli

Flying-V Longitudinal Handling Qualities Simulation & Evaluation in Approach and Landing

Ir. Nikki van Luijk

Aerodynamic Design Optimisation of the Flying-V Outboard Wing

Ir. Arjav Anand Amur

Multi-Objective Aerodynamic Shape Optimisation for the Flying-V Winglets

Ir. Onur Erdinçler

Aerodynamic Analysis of Ground Spoilers on the Flying-V

Ir. Wei (Willy) Hu

Flying-V Control System Design

Ir. Rutger Voeten

Design and Analysis of the Engine and Landing Gear Structure of the Flying-V

Ir. Luuk van der Schaft

Development, Model Generation and Analysis of a Flying-V Structure Concept

Ir. Francesco Faggiano

Aerodynamic Design Optimization of a Flying-V Aircraft

Ir. Stijn Nolet

Improving the Flying-V Directional Control Power by Split Flaps

Ir. Menno van der Toorn

Flying-V Family Design for Stability and Control

Ir. Marloes Nanninga

High-Fidelity Structural Sizing for Weight Estimation of a Flying-V

Ir. Adam Ĺšwiderski

Automating the Handling Qualities Predictions of the Flying-V

Ir. Jurian Stougie

Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion Control with Flight Envelope Protection for the Flying-V

Ir. Willem Völker

Reinforcement Learning for Flight Control of the Flying-V

Ir. Iris Chung

Cabin Interior Design of the Flying-V

Ir. Marco Desiderio

Flying-V Crashworthiness: A Preliminary Assessment

Ir. Francesco Granata

Aerodynamic Design Optimization of the Flying-V Using a Vortex-Lattice Method

Ir. Baseem Deeb

Motion Comfort in the Flying-V

Ir. Yuri Laar

Aerodynamic Design of a Flying-V Aircraft in Transonic Conditions

Ir. Sebastian Cornelje

Mixing Realities: Combining Extended and Physical Reality in Co-Creative Design for the Galley of the Flying-V

Ir. Daniel Houwing

Designing a Conceptual Flying-V Interior with VR User Tests

Ir. Miguel Saez Ortuño

Climate Impact of Hydrogen Aviation

Ir. Lisa Wamelink

Flying-V Interior: Floorplan Design for Improved Passenger Comfort

Ir. Filippo Isgro

Fuselage Design Studies to Improve Boarding Performance of Novel Passenger Aircraft

Ir. Luc de Ruiter

Weight & Balance Estimation with Automated Structural Analysis for Subscale Flight Models

Ir. Thomas Hofs

Fast and Comfortable Hand Luggage Stowage Units in the Flying-V

Ir. Tinie Lam

Aircraft Interior Systems for the Future Onboard Services in the Flying-V

Ir. Grégoire Bourget

The Effect of Landing Gear Implementation on Flying-V Aerodynamics, Stability, and Controllability

Ir. Ankith John Santosh

Investigation of the Influence of Ground Effect on the Flying-V Aircraft

Ir. Thibaut Cappuyns

Handling Qualities of a Flying-V Configuration

Ir. Arnoud Meines

Economy Class Sleeping Facility

Ir. Rob Viet

Analysis of the Flight Characteristics by means of an Experimental Test

Ir. Xinhe Yao

Design for a Better Hygiene Experience in a Flying-V Aircraft

Ir. Alberto Ruiz GarcĂ­a

Scaled Model Flight Testing: Aerodynamic Model Identification of the Flying-V