Dr. C. (Carmine) Varriale MSc

Dr. C. (Carmine) Varriale MSc


Current Position

Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)


Carmine Varriale is Assistant Professor at the Flight Performance and Propulsion section of TU Delft. His research interests cover the fields of flight mechanics, direct lift control, and multi-body dynamics modelling and simulation. He is co-instructor of the BSc course "Flight and Orbital Mechanics", responsible instructor for the online course "Aircraft Performance: Physics and Simulation" targeted at professional education, and for the MOOC "Sustainable Aviation" targeted at the general public.

He obtained his PhD in 2022, with a thesis on the Flight Mechanics and Performance of Direct Lift Control. He performed his research work in the framework of the European Union Horizon2020 program, for which he has been leader of the flight dynamics activities within the PARSIFAL project. His research work has brought him to investigate the dynamic behavior of innovative aircraft with redundant and/or interacting control effectors.

He graduated at the University of Naples Federico II in 2017, cum laude,  honorable mentions and scholarships for "excellence and promptness" throughout the studies. He carried out part of his MSc thesis project during an internship at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems in Oldenburg, Germany. During this project, he investigated flight encounters of light aircraft with wind turbine wakes, with the purpose of providing safety guidelines for the construction of wind farms in proximity of small airports.

He was born on August 11th, 1992 in Naples, Italy. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, being by the sea, taking photos of natural landscapes, playing chess and other board games. 


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PARSIFAL (2017 - 2020)

  • Program: Horizon2020 Mobility for Growth
  • Funding: 2.95M€, Grant Agreement 723149
  • Website: parsifalproject.eu
  • Objective: design and optimization of a staggered box-wing aircraft, with overall dimensions comparable to A320/B737 and payload capacity of A330/B767
  • Role: Work Package Leader, Flight Mechanics and Control
  • Tasks: performance analysis, open-loop handling qualities analysis, design optimization to satisfy handling qualities requirements, exploration of advanced flight control concepts (direct lift control)

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Flight Mechanics, Flight Performance, Multi-body dynamics, Dynamics Simulation, Aircraft Design

Meer onderzoeksinteresses



  • 2023-3-7

    2023 Open Education Ambassador Award

    For contributing to openness through the openly licenced MOOC Sustainable Aviation: The route to climate neutral aviation; the re-use on campus of content from the online course for professionals Aircraft Performance Physics and Simulation; and the publication of his research in open access journals, in addition to creating valuable engagement opportunities for learners – on campus and online – to deliver a great learning experience.