Architectural Engineering

In our Architectural Engineering programme we seek innovative and inspiring architectural solutions for environmental and societal issues. We are driven by the need to think differently about our building culture. Understanding existing potentials, knowing the possibilities of renewal and discovering how to design, innovate and change are central themes of Architectural Engineering. Focus areas are circularity, climate design, digital manufacturing, product design, material research, structural mechanics and computational modelling.

Focus and approach

Architectural Engineering encourages students to explore their role as architects in facing today’s challenges. Under the guidance of a team of enthusiastic design tutors and together with various stakeholders, students search for innovative technical solutions for diverse problems in various contexts in both the Netherlands and abroad (i.e. Indonesia and the Caribbean). The three main research by design domains promoted by Architectural Engineering are ‘Make’, ‘Flow’ and ‘Stock’. Each domain requires a different approach and offers unique design solutions, while creating multiple value for the built environment together.


Architectural Engineering offers a set of inspiring studios:

MSc 1
In MSc 1 'EXTREME architecture' the close connection between architecture and technology in an extreme geographical context is explored. 

Programme MSc 1 fall semester 2023 (pdf)

MSc 2
In MSc 2 'Bucky Lab A'* students design and build prototypes (as part) of an innovative and sustainable building concept. 

Programme MSc 2 Bucky Lab spring semester 2024 (pdf)

MSc 3
In MSc 3/4 'Architectural Engineering Graduation Studio' (aE Studio) students define their own graduation assignment, related to different selected contexts, societal challenges and technical topics. The first semester (MSc3) consists of research into a technical topic in relation to architecture. During the second semester (MSc4) research and design are further developed, resulting in an integrated design. More information about the approach of aE studio and the student work can be found  in the aE Journal series on BK Books, a yearly publication of Architectural Engineering.

Programme MSc 3 fall semester 2023 (pdf)

Staff Thijs Asselbergs, ir. Ferry Adema, Dr. Ing. Marcel Bilow, ir. Gilbert Koskamp, arch. Mauro Parravicini, ir. Roel van de Pas, ir. Job Schroën, ir. Mo Smit, ir. Anne Snijders, ir. Paddy Tomesen, ir. Engbert v/d Zaag

Additional information

For detailed course descriptions, please visit the study guide:
MSc 1 (only in fall semester)
MSc 2* (only in spring semester) 
MSc 3

* The MSc2 semester of the Architecture track consists of 5 credits of compulsory courses and 25 credits of electives, of which an Architecture approved MSc2 elective design studio. See also the Elective Design Studios page for a full overview of MSc2 Architecture design projects. 

Contact MSc 3/4

Annebregje Snijders