Explore Lab

Students from all tracks can choose to graduate in Explore Lab, a faculty-wide platform for interdisciplinary graduation projects. 

Focus and approach

Explore Lab is an exceptional thesis laboratory for students with a unique fascination which cannot be explored in any of the ‘regular’ thesis labs. This opportunity is only for highly motivated students with an obsessive interest in a specific question and an exceptional ability to lead themselves and others in theoretical and design research. Explore lab is open for students from the Architecture, Urbanism and Management in the Built Environment tracks. While engaged in their own fascinations, the explorers work together to design their own curriculum including workshops, lectures, excursions and visiting critics.

Students do not consume the Explore Lab, but actually create it.


The Explore Lab starts twice a year: in September and in February. Some weeks before the general date of registration for courses and projects posters will be distributed throughout BK City notifying students about 2 meetings held to inform students about the Explore Lab. At those meetings students can sign up to participate in the lab. They will be invited for an intake meeting at which they will explain and defend their interest for the lab.


General coordinator:  Ir. Roel van de Pas
Research coordinators: Dr.ir. Martijn Stellingwerff & ir. Elise van Dooren
Coordinator Building Technology: Ir. Hubert van der Meel
Coordinator Urbanism: Dr.ir. Machiel van Dorst

Additional information

For detailed course descriptions, please visit the study guide:
MSc 3/4


Ir. Roel van de Pas