Board of Studies

How does the Board of Studies contribute to guaranteeing and raising the quality of education?

The Board of Studies (‘opleidingscommissie’) aims to continuously improve the quality of the Science Education and Communication MSc programme. It does so by organising feedback sessions in which students and teaching staff collaboratively discuss the parts of a course that are already good, as well as the parts that can be further improved. Furthermore, the Board of Studies has a say on teaching and examination regulations and gives both solicited and unsolicited advice regarding the coherence of the curriculum, teaching methods used and strategy development.

Who is part of the Board of Studies?

The Board of Studies is formed by representatives of both staff and students. It currently consists of:

  • Barry Gaus (chair): sept 2021 - aug 2022

  • Effie Leijten: sept 2021 - aug 2022

  • Kirsten Odenwald: sept 2021 - aug 2022

  • Steven Flipse: sept 2020 - aug 2021

  • Arjan Boer: sept 2020 - aug 2021

  • Jeroen Spandaw: sept 2020 - aug 2021

What are the current priorities of the Board of Studies?

Current issues in which the Board of Studies is involved include the quality of the studies, the evaluations of the courses and the course load for the students.

What is the difference between the role of the Board of Studies and the Faculty Student Council?

The Faculty Student Council (FSC) is the highest representative body available to students at the faculty level. It is mainly focused on policy formation, in a variety of areas: faculty policy, services and facilities. As such, it has consultation rights on the faculty’s budget and a right of consent to teaching and examination regulations.

In comparison to the FSC (which works on a faculty rather than a programme level), the Board of Studies is much more involved with the content of the specific Science Education and Communication curriculum. Simply put, the FSC sets the guidelines the faculty must abide by and the Board of Studies aims to guarantee the best education quality within these guidelines.

How can I reach out to the Board of Studies?

If you have feedback regarding courses or the entirety of the curriculum, you can contact the Board of Studies using In case of individual issues, please reach out to the teacher of the respective course, the academic counsellor or the Board of Examiners. If you would like to have insight into the meetings and minutes, please mail us.