3. Electives


Electives are in the MSC TIL programme, because
- You can tailor the programme to your own needs;
- They support its interdisciplinary character.

Read section 3 of the Programme Navigator.

Choosing Electives

Depending on your choice of Specialisation, you need 19-21 EC to arrive at the required 120 EC.

A stand alone internship is also an elective. You can choose between CIEM0120 or TPM593A. You have to apply and arrange many things before you can embark on this journey. Read the page in the study guide and then contact the course coordinator or administrator before you embark on your internship. Fixing things after you have started is not allowed.
Both courses are regulated by the respective internship office.

A combined internship/thesis project is regulated by the MSc TIL. The  internship office has no role in that. You have to arrange that yourself and contact the contract manager of CEG as mentioned in the list with contact persons.

Rules and tables with allowed courses can be found in the Annex Article 11* of CEG MSc TIL TER & Annex of the relevant year,


Choosing your Electives is best done after carefully studying the Rules, reading the study guide and possibly contacting the responsible instructor(s). The rules have been relaxed and aligned with the Board of Examiners, which restricts the space to deviate from them.

Discuss your questions with the TIL Programme Coordinator in order to prevent choosing courses that are not aligned with the master level or duplicate obligatory courses. Such choices usually delay your study, in particular (the start of) your thesis project.

Relation with TIL5060 (thesis) project
According to TER Article 13.2* you can start your thesis project TIL5060 while lacking at most 5 EC from your Electives and fulfilling the other obligations (you may also lack 5 EC of your Specialisation courses). This will be checked by the Board of Examiners upon receival of your TIL-2 form.