Important information


The study programme of the year you start with your MSc remains valid during your whole MSc period. You should stay in that program as far as feasible.

However, education programmes change gradually over time. Regular changes are prepared until May and are in effect as of September the same year. Unplanned changes are rare, but they do happen. We will always mitigate the impact on your individual programmes.

If courses are no longer provided, then the course instructor should allow at least 2 exams after it has been cancelled. If it has been changed - either by code or content - then you have to comply with the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER), in particular Chapter 5 – Transitional rules to see what has changed, if it affects you and what you should do to adapt to the changed requirements.

Do not unnecessarily choose a replacement course in the new program, because that may not be aligned with your existing program, in terms of content and/or EC. Contact the course instructor to discuss a solution. If that does not help, then contact dr. Stefano Fazi or the study advisors.

In case you are still in the beginning of your program you might think about switching to the new program. Before you do this, discuss this option also with dr. Stefano Fazi. You will also need approval by the Board of Examiners.

Experience tells that many issues can be prevented if you act on time and as specified.

Success with your Msc study.


Update: 2023-2024 - Thesis projects - Section 5

The composition of a TIL-thesis committee has changed last year. The graduation procedure is about to change as well. A standardized set-up (with a public and private session) and shortening of the exam session has been discussed. Running projects and planned exams will not be effected.
A major update of Section 5 is foreseen for March-April 2024. That update will also improve access to information.

After reading these pages, remaining uncertainties can be discussed with the contact persons mentioned next.