I am involved in a report of possible fraud – what to expect?

More information on fraud can be found in the Rules and Guidelines of the CEG Board of Examiners (article 7a). You can also find information on the TUD student portal under the heading Legal Status and also on the TU Library page.

Fraud is always very carefully investigated. Depending on various factors, the investigation can in some cases take up to several months. In this document we try to give you a global overview and timeframe. This way you know how the process proceeds, what to expect and when to expect it.

Fraud is not always related to intention, but can happen consciously or unconsciously. For example, due to carelessness or ignorance. In addition, fraud does not depend on the result of the (attempted) fraud. You can also be found guilty of fraud if you failed, or, for example, did not benefit at all from a cheat sheet. Fraud can have major consequences for all students in the exam in question, for example if the Board of Examiners is forced to declare the entire exam invalid.

From the blue box on the right, you can download a document with more information on what to expect in case you are involved in a fraud investigation.