Online consultation hours Board of Examiners CEG

Every Wednesday 12.30 - 13.30 hrs

There will be no online consultation hour on Wednesday the 28th of February.

The staff to the Board of Examiners CEG will be online available every Wednesday to answer short questions concerning the Board of Examiners. The consultation hour will run simultaneously with the consultation hour of the Academic Counsellors from 12.30-13.30 hrs. You can join the online consultation meeting by clicking on the Zoom meeting link below.

When you enter the virtual office, you will be placed in the waiting room. The sessions are 1-on-1, so it is possible that you may have to wait for a little while. Staff will admit you to the session as soon as it is your turn.

Possible topics you can ask your questions about are: requests to the Board of Examiners, Double Degree/ Double Track, Study Programme, Fraud, Diploma (Supplement), etc.

It is our experience that many answers can be found online in the Educational Rules & Regulations, the requests page and the FAQ of the Board of Examiners. We would therefore urge you to visit these pages before visiting the online consultation hour.