PROM-4 Writing a Scientific Article in English

Course type


Course load

84 hours


February-June 2024

Hours per meeting   

2 hours regular sessions
3 hours intensive sessions 


Sören Johnson - 015 278 2793 -

Dr. Nadia van Pelt - 015 278 9853 -



The aim of PROM-4 is to improve your ability to write a scientific article in English.  During the course, you will develop and revise an article that you are working on. Though the course focuses on technical, scientific English, it will also be useful for people writing about non-technical subjects.

Course description

The course consists of  eleven two-hour sessions. The general theory will be given in sessions to the whole class; for peer review, we will divide into smaller groups for several lessons. 
As we look at various aspects of the writing process and at specific language problems, the process of writing, the structure of a scientific article, and the use of clear and effective language, you will write and revise different sections of your article. Topics will include:

  • The writing process;
  • Academic English—word choice and diction;
  • Structuring a paper;
  • Correcting common errors;
  • Using English paragraphs;
  • Writing effective academic sentences;
  • Appropriate transitions and connecting words;
  • Proper verb tenses;
  • Clarity and conciseness.

Attention will be paid to various aspects of writing, such as ordering information in the sentence, creating flow between sentences, and using parallel structures, with the ultimate goal of clear, effective scientific communication. Throughout the course, feedback will be given on the basis of your own writing, to help you to recognize and work on language problems you may have. The sessions are highly interactive, and there is room in the programme to deal with specific issues raised by participants.

In most cases, by the end of the course, you will have shared most of your article with the instructor and peers for evaluation and feedback.  As the course uses your material for review, it will only be useful when you already have some research results and are ready to write. Ideally, you will have an outline and a draft article to work on

Registration and cost

The courses take a maximum of 12 participants and fill on a first-come first-served basis.

To participate in this course you need to demonstrate a high level of English (C1/C2). To do this, you need to score sufficiently high on the English Section’s Placement test (dates announced on our  webpageTo participate in this course you need to demonstrate a high level of English (C1/C2). To do this, you need to score sufficiently high on the English Section’s Placement test (dates announced on our here.

If you are a PhD candidate at the TU Delft, the Graduate School will pay your course fee. The course book, not included in the course fee, costs €32. For participants who are not in the TU Delft Graduate School (e.g., lecturers, or researchers at IHE), the course fee is €675. If you are associated with the TU Delft, your department will pay with a baancode; external researchers will receive an invoice.
Registration is via Brightspace: Prom 4: Writing a Scientific Article in English.  Use Collaboration/Groups to register.


The regular sessions usually start in the first or second week of term and continue for eleven weeks, often with a two-week break during exam weeks. The intensive sessions meet 7 times for three hours (every other week).Though it is hard to estimate how much time writing takes, on average expect to spend three or four hours a week (reading the book, doing exercises, reviewing your peer’s work, but mostly writing your article).

Course Dates and Times

We will offer three groups in the spring term of 2024, an intensive session meeting 7 times, every other week, and two regular sessions meeting for 11 consecutive weeks.

  • Intensive group: Wednesday afternoons, 13:45-16:30, meeting every other week; first session 14 February, last session 8 May 
  • Regular Group 1: Monday afternoons, 13:45-15:30, first session 15 April, last session 24 June (NB in week 4.5, we will meet on Tuesday 21 May because of the holidays)
  • Regular Group 2: Wednesday mornings, 10:45-12:30, first session 17 April, last session 26 June

NB: Dates and times may change.  To take this (or any English course), you need to first take our placement test (or have a recommendation from your previous English teacher). In addition, you need to have sufficient results and a draft article ready before the start of the seminar.