Self-Study Dutch NT2

Free online course for beginners


  • De Delftse Methode Grammar
    Dutch grammar often seems confusing, but the rules are relatively simple. The grammar rules are explained by means of examples from the course book texts.


  • Letter Bank
    Concepts and examples of all kinds of correspondence, including job applications, invitations etc.
  • Language Shop
    Site, jointly developed by the University of Amsterdam and the Hogeschool Amsterdam, especially for university level NT2 students, with information about writing academic texts, but also about presenting etc. Level C1


  • Teleac Language Games
    Exercising with words to different themes, in different kind of games, also synonyms and spelling.
  • Newspapers
    Overview of all Dutch papers with an on-line version. Headlines for all major Dutch papers. Click on the headline to read the article.

Dictionaries (Online)

Speaking + pronunciation

  • Audacity
    A free, open source software for recording and editing sounds in Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems. Record and listen to yourself.


  • School TV
    Educational videos at different levels. First, choose schooltv gemist. Then choose PO for CEF level A2/B1, VO for level B1/B2 and VO for CEF level B2/C1.
  • 2bDutch: Subtitled Videos
    Subtitled videos (different languages, different themes) to improve listening skills, expand vocabulary and learn about Dutch culture. Level A1/A2
  • NOS News
    Headlines, news in different categories, including videos.
  • Uitzending Gemist
    Dutch public TV-channels site, to retrieve and watch missed programs.

Integrated Skills

  • De Delftse Methode: Online
    Register for language, pronunciation and grammar training on this website. A fee is charged for the training.
  • Dutch as a Second Language All kinds of NT2 methods and courses. On-line vocabulary training, word games and quizzes about Dutch culture.
  • Staatsexamen NT2
    Information about the Netherlands and learning the Dutch language. Also listening to texts, short stories and songs (while reading the lyrics). Includes links to other websites.


Exam Preparation

  • NT2 Exam Preparation
    Site with information about the Dutch Staats Examen II and free downloads of tests.