Frugal Innovation for Sustainable Global Development (LDE)

Minor code: WM-Mi-191

This minor provides for a multidisciplinary learning environment, bringing together students from Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam. In the minor you will critically explore how and under which conditions frugal innovation can contribute to sustainable global transformation processes that serve both people and planet. We provide a unique opportunity to combine theory, practice and societal engagement during challenge-based field assignment abroad or in the Netherlands.

For whom?

All third year Bachelor's students at Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam who are interested to become engaged in a new and emerging field of studies, and are up for an multidisciplinary challenge and a field assignment in the Netherlands or abroad. This minor is especially targeted to those who see the mutual benefit of integrating social, entrepreneurial and technological knowledge and skills, and are eager to apply their academic knowledge to practical work. This minor is a full-time, 30 EC minor, which runs from September 2022 until the last week of January in 2023. Please, take into account that it is not possible to combine participation in this minor with other studies or retake exams. The minor forms a continuous program with its own exam rhythm and subsequent field assignment, which you cannot break into.

What will you learn?

Frugal innovation is about innovation processes that take account of and aim to overcome resource constraints in communities and societies. Think of societies or communities where poverty prevails and/or settings of over exploitation of (natural) resources, which lead to environmental degradation and climate change. Frugal innovations aim to combine less use of (scarce) resources while maintaining and/or improving affordability, basic functionalities and an optimized performance.

Course overview

In the minor you will critically explore the widely acclaimed potential of frugal innovation to contribute to processes of local and global sustainable transformation that could benefit people and planet. You will study frugal innovation through various lenses, such as development, technology and entrepreneurship, which will familiarise you with the current academic and policy debates on frugal innovation.

Register for this minor

This minor is a selection minor in which only 40 students will be admitted, ideally equally distributed amongst the three universities. We are looking for a high diversity of interests and disciplinary backgrounds. The selection takes place by means of an online application form you have to fill in and a CV.

Further information regarding the structure and application process for this minor can be found in Leiden e-prospectus

Student stories

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