Good reasons to work at TPM

Multidisciplinary research

TPM has a multidisciplinary research agenda. We focus on issues at the interface between technology, governance and values. Our research is very relevant to society. New developments often emerge at the intersection of disciplines. That is our daily experience: our research is both intellectually challenging and innovative.

Challenging Community and International Environment

TPM is an international community in which you continually encounter colleagues from different disciplinary backgrounds. This makes TPM an exciting and challenging environment where you will continuously learn about developments in other fields. Our people typically take a wide perspective on societal problems and find it interesting to collaborate with academics from other disciplines.

TPM also invests heavily in international cooperation with other universities, faculties and schools, resulting in all kinds of international networks and opportunities for our staff. We encourage and facilitate this as much as we can. We also expect you to contribute to the development of our international networks.

Innovative education

TPM has a long tradition of educational innovation. We are pioneers in the development of online education, MOOCs,ProfEds and state of the art games and simulations. We invest in blended learning and develop innovative tools for flipped classrooms and active student participation. If you are eager to work on the continuous development of education, TPM is a faculty that gives you all the space you need.

New staff members

TU Delft supports international employees through the Coming to Delft Service & Partner Career Advice service. At TPM we expect a lot from our people, but equally we also invest a lot in development.

We will only appoint someone on tenure track after a rigorous selection procedure, based on clear performance requirements. We are not only interested in numbers of articles, projects and your H-factor, but also in your intellectual vision on our research agenda and your skills to cooperate and connect.

We will give you the freedom to develop yourself and we will support your development and career perspective. You will experience that TPM has a non-hierarchical culture, in which the quality of your work determines your impact, not your formal position.

We make agreements in a tenure track agreement, ensuring mutual expectations are clear. Tenure track staff know what is expected of their development and what professional support and supervision we will provide.

We offer interesting projects to post-docs, in line with our multidisciplinary ambitions. We make every effort to assist post-docs to develop themselves in their further career, either at TU Delft or another university.

We also have interesting projects for PhD candidates. We offer effective and intensive supervision and support, an interesting and relevant doctoral education program through the TPM Graduate School and we aim to ensure that PhD candidates can achieve their degree within four years.