Ans is a web-based system that supports the creation of interactive assignments for formative and summative assessment. It has won the digital assessment tender and will be TUDelft’s assessment system for all basic assessments in the coming years.

Ans can perform the following activities:

  • Support randomised testing and analyse the quality of the assignments you create for both assessment types.
  • Be used with RP now for proctored exams.
  • Be used for creating paper-based exams, which can later be scanned for online reviewing.

Most question types are being copied automatically, and some are manually. For specific Möbius question types and functionalities, options will be investigated.  

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. For more information about the implementation project, please visit the Ans Intranet page.

At TU Delft, the courses within Ans are split into two categories: 

  • Those that are used for formative testing (linked via Brightspace).
  • Those that are used for summative testing (for exams). 

These courses are not automatically assigned to your Ans environment. Please select one of the tiles below for more information about getting started, working in Ans, and where to find support.