Course information

Courses available to incoming exchange students at the Faculty of Applied Sciences – Spring semester 2 (Spring 2020).

Example course proposals
With effect from the second semester of the academic year 2019/20, course proposals will be offered by each of our study programmes. These course proposals do not constitute compulsory sets of courses but are proposals to help you compose your exchange programme. Exchange students at the Faculty of Applied Sciences are strongly encouraged to finalise their course proposals in the application process of OSIRIS. The course choice will be confirmed during the admission process.

Courses at other TUD faculties
In some cases, up to 49% of an exchange student’s courses can be taken at other faculties (except at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment). However, to ensure a coherent course choice and to increase your chances of getting accepted at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, it is preferable to take fewer courses at other faculties. Please note that no guarantees can be given before arrival regarding course options at other faculties (it depends on availability and time schedules) and always check the study guide well in advance for the prerequisites.

Master’s courses are open to Master’s students and to Bachelor’s students who have completed or almost completed 3 years of study at the moment of application. This figure can  be 2 years for Bachelor’s students, depending on their academic background.

Overview course proposals
Below is an overview of the course proposals we offer for each study programme at our faculty this Spring semester 2020. You can find additional course-specific information at Please note that some minor changes might be made to the offered course proposals.

The academic year consists of two semesters (60 ECTS) and each semester (30 ECTS) is divided into two education periods of 10 weeks (15 ECTS). The Spring semester starts in early February and ends in early July.