Doctoral Education Programme

Building Blocks to becoming a Scientific Professional

The Delft Graduate School feels that in order to become an attractive asset to the job market, a Doctor must be equipped with a number of competences. In order to attain or improve these competences one must take skills training. This concept is the basis for Delft Graduate School Doctoral Education Programme


Discipline related skills
(minimal 15 GS credits)
Research skills
(minimal 15 GS credits)
Transferable skills
(minimal 15 GS credits)
Possible teaching methods


Experimental trainings

Preferred via 'Learning on the job'-activities. Optional via Research courses Via courses
Source of courses to be taken

All courses in consultation with supervisory team.


All 'Learning on the job' activities and courses in consultation with supervisory team.

All courses in consultation with supervisory team.





N/A1. PhD Startup course
2. Career Development course
ExampleBiostatistics for CliniciansAddressing a small audienceTime management

Information about GS credits

  • When following a Doctoral course: 1 ECTS=3.5 GSC (1.5ECTS = 5GSC)
  • When following a Master course: 1 ECTS = 1 GSC (exam must be passed)
  • Other/Post-Master courses 1 course day (8 hours) = 1 GSC
  • A maximum of 5 GSC per course
  • A maximum of 4 GSC via language courses.