PhD Programme

The TU Delft (TUD) PhD Programme provides a coherent and integrated curriculum in scholarly and doctoral education for excellent PhD candidates. This Graduate School (GS) programme aims to support the development of scholarly knowledge, personal generic competences and prospective professional development for future academic and non-academic career paths.

At TUD, the PhD Programme consists of:

  • PhD Research
  • Doctoral Education (DE)

The programme aims to ensure an optimal development of all TU Delft PhD candidates, and in such a way that they may: on the one hand, complete their PhD programme and thesis within 4 years and, on the other hand, become more attractive to future employers.

PhD Track

Regarding the research path, the TUD GS degree of Doctor (PhD) primarily focuses on recognition of breadth of scholarship, depth of research, and the power to investigate problems independently and efficiently, rather than on the completion of definite courses of study in a stated period of residence. The work on the degree must consist of research and the preparation of a thesis describing this research, and of systematic studies of an advanced character, primarily in science or engineering. The PhD candidates who successfully defend their dissertation will obtain a doctorate from Delft University of Technology.

Regarding DE, the structure of a PhD programme includes:

  • an educational component (provided by the GS, and connected national research schools or other (inter)national networks);
  • a number of broadening subjects such as ethics, innovation and entrepreneurship, project management, science and communication; 
  • a research project resulting in a doctoral degree.

The DE programme consists of 45 (ECTS) credits, indicating the scope of the specific educational aspect of the PhD programme.