PhD Council 3mE

According to the Mission Statement, 3ME PhD council intends to support social and professional needs of the PhD community at the Faculty of 3ME by:

  • Organising activities to improve social and professional interplay include presentations by researchers, workshops, company excursions and social events like the monthly PhD lunch meetings.
  • Representing and supporting both academically and socially the 3mE PhD candidates, by providing a platform for regular interactions, feedback and support.

The 3mE PhD Council members represent the 3mE PhD community in the 3mE FGS-PhD Council meetings, inter-PhD council, Promood and other relevant bodies. The 3mE PhD council ideally consists of two representatives for every department within 3ME. The current 3mE PhD council members are presented below.

PhD Council 3mE members

Biomechanical Engineering

Eline Kolken





Cognitive Robotics

Pavlo Bazilinsky





Delft Center for Systems and Control

Pieter Piscaer

Bart Doekemeijer

Maritime and Transport Technology

Zongchen Li

Alina Colling

Materials Science and Engineering

Aytac Yilmaz

Konstantina Traka

Precision and Microsystems Engineering

Abhilash Chandrashekar





Process and Energy

Ankur Kislaya

Vilborg Gudjonsdottir

Upcoming event

8th FGS-PhD council meeting on Thursday 5 April 2018 at 12.30-13.30 hrs

Contact details

You can contact the council members via


Pieter Piscaer

Vice-Chair,  Secretary General

Vilborg Gudjonsdottir

CommunicationAbilash Chandrashekar, Zongchen Li, Aytac Yilmaz
Doctoral Education & PhD DevelopmentPieter Piscaer, Ankur Kislaya, Aline Colling

Lunch meetings 

Bart Doekemeijer, Konstantina Traka, Eline Kolken 


Alina Colling, Eline Kolken, Pavlo Bazilinskyy


To stay informed about both formal and informal events for PhD candidates enrolled in the 3mE graduate school, keep an eye on this website. Also check out our Facebook group.


The 3mE PhD council is very interested in your feedback. Should you have remarks, questions regarding Doctoral Education, PhD Development Cycle or perhaps about other issues, please contact one of the 3mE PhD council members in your department or send an e-mail to