Support and supervision

PhD Mentor

During your PhD process you may face several challenges. Your PhD mentor has already been through the whole PhD process and can therefore help you focus on the process and reciprocal relationship and draw attention to potential bottlenecks. Your mentor can also act as a sounding board. If you encounter any problems with communication between you and your supervisory team, he can play an independent role. After an introduction meeting with your PhD mentor, We advise you to meet your mentor at least 2 times a year. Please consult "PhD mentor 3mE".

3mE Departmental PhD coaches:

BME: Dr. Nazli Sarkalkan,

PhD Coach

Part of the Graduate School is the possibility to make use of coaching. For instance if you get stuck for one reason or another, or for whatever reason you feel like talking to someone else than your daily supervisor, promoter or mentor. You might be feeling lonely, or maybe you’re wondering if things still are going the way they should, or you want help getting things back on track. All things which may easily occur when you’ re involved in a demanding undertaking such as a PhD-project. All information will be treated strictly confidential. Please don’t hesitate to contact the

Support PhD candidates

The University Psychologist are available for all PhD candidates at TU Delft, for support and solutions for all kinds of personal issues. All contacts are strictly confidential. You can choose individual or group support. Please also see their courses in the Doctoral Education programme. on Personal Effectiveness.
Open hour: every day from 12:45 - 13:45

Career Support

A Career Counsellor for PhD students has been appointed at the Career Centre of TU Delft. The Career Counsellor offers personal counselling and advice on different career related issues. PhD students are welcome to contact Monique Draijer by e-mail ( or an appointment can be scheduled by calling 015-2788004. Drop-in hours are every Tuesday and Thursday from 11.30-12.30 at the TU Delft Career Centre in E&SA building at Jaffalaan 9a.