Meijvogel-de Koning, P.M.


For more than 15 years, Ellen Meijvogel- de Koning has been working in the GSE-Laboratory. After her laboratory research education, she was originally hired at the Raw-Material department, doing Roentgen-diffraction (XRD) and Roentgen-fluorescence (XRF) research and analysis. This slowly shifted towards operating the Micro CT and Macro CT scanners of the GSE Laboratory. Using the CT-scanners, Ellen contributed significantly to various researches done with those special machines, as seen in the stories of science below. Next to archaeological monsters in the CT-scanners, she also puts different material into the scanners, like asphalt, various rock samples and even plants(!).

Stories of Science Ellen contributed to:

P.M. (Ellen) Meijvogel-de Koning

Technical Support Assistant