Slob, M.


After the completion of his Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics studies, Michiel Slob started working at the composites laboratory on the InHolland-academy as researcher and teacher. After 4 years he left his position there and started working at the TU Delft GSE-Lab on November 2011. Michiel was hired for the position of laboratory-controller of various research setups. Among these setups are core-flood cells, high-pressure cells, a pen and drop installation and the core-preparation room. This is mostly focused on rock-samples but will shift more towards sand-samples from the shallow subsurface in the near future. Also, Michiel will take up a more educational-oriented role within the GSE-department.

Ing. M. (Michiel) Slob

Technical Support Assistant

Room: 01.165.A2

Availability: Monday till Wednesday, Friday