Muntendam-Bos, A.G.


Annemarie studied Geophysics, major Seismology, at the University of Utrecht. For two years she worked in the offshore oil- and gas industry before returning to the University of Utrecht where she obtained her PhD in 2003. Annemarie continued her academic career as a postdoc at SRON before joining TNO where she specialized in geomechanical research on induced seismicity. In May 2012 Annemarie joined the State Supervision of Mines (SodM). Since, she has been one of the main experts involved in the Groningen induced seismicity problem. Since 2019, Annemarie has been appointed associate professor on induced seismicity (part time).


My research interests can be broadly defined as the study of earthquakes induced by GeoEnergy applications and the physics of the earthquake source. A major objective of my work is to improve our knowledge of human induced earthquake hazards through the application of physics-based understanding of the underlying processes. I have also long been committed to earthquake risk reduction and risk governance, specifically through the transfer of scientific understanding of the hazard and ways to influence the hazards, to people, operators, and policymakers.

  • Effects of Subsurface Engineering (AES1415; 1st year MSc; 3 EC)
  • Guest lecturer in various BSc and MSc courses
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DEEP Innovation for: De-Risking Enhanced Geothermal Energy Projects
Induced seismicity poses a tremendous challenge to future deep geothermal energy exploitation. The large international and multidisciplinary EC GEOTHERMICA DEEP project combines innovation in sensors and data analysis with demonstration and knowledge transfer activities into one coherent work program that will have a profound impact on de-risking future EGS projects. Balancing risk and economic output is a key requirement and DEEP has a strong focus on optimization of monitoring and risk assessment procedures in order to reduce commercial costs to future projects. The project will be conducted in close collaboration with industry partners and in partnership with the US Department of Energy geothermal test site FORGE in Utah.

It is well known that stress changes due to human subsurface activities may induce earthquakes. In this project, we focus on the influence of second order processes on inducing seismic slip in the Groningen gas field.

  • Senior Specialist on induced seismicity, Dutch State Supervision of Mines (SodM)
  • Member Advisory Board Netherlands Journal of Geosciences.
  • Member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU)

Annemarie Muntendam-Bos

Associate Professor of Induced Seismicity (part time)

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