What is SuperGPS?

SuperGPS is an optical-wireless system, which will enable next generation clock synchronization and positioning services.

A highly stable and accurate clock and frequency reference is distributed through an optical network using White Rabbit (WR) technology. The optical network allows for synchronization of Radio Frequency (RF) equipment across the entire network. The time-offset between radio transmitters synchronized with this network will be less than 100 picoseconds. Simultaneous transmission of radio signals into the wireless medium is actually comparable to ground-based pseudo-satellite transmissions used with the Global Positioning System (GPS). Also similar to GPS, the receiver, for instance in a vehicle on the road and hence not connected to the optical network, will synchronize its clock to the system, using the SuperGPS radio-signals, and thereby allow for highly accurate ranging.

Timing node developed by OPNT BV, based on White Rabbit (WR) technology.


This project aims to develop a novel hybrid optical-wireless terrestrial system for accurate positioning through a grid of radio transmitters, synchronized with extremely high accuracy through an optical telecommunication network.