Mud Dynamics and sedimentation in Zeebrugge

A first part of the research aims to enhance the system understanding of cohesive sediment transport in the Belgian Coastal Zone by integrating knowledge from existing field measurements (e.g. frame measurements and satellite-derived images of surface concentration of suspended sediment) with insight from a newly developed hydraulic and sediment transport model of the Belgian Coastal zone and the harbor of Zeebrugge.

This knowledge is then applied to the problem of siltation of the harbor of Zeebrugge. We aim to better understand the influence of environmental conditions (meteorological, tides, waves, ship movements, …) on the siltation in the harbor, and contribute to the discussion whether a relocation of the sediment disposal site can be beneficial in an efficient dredging/disposal strategy for the harbor of Zeebrugge.

The research is carried out 20% at TUDelft and 80% at Flanders Hydraulics (