Determinants of spatial- relevant decision-making for active mode travellers


Travel behaviour is derived from the need to perform activities that are situated at different locations. As a consequence, activity-related choices have to be understood to get important insights into travel behaviour. In this context, this project aims to identify the decisive factors for active mode travelers in deciding where and when to perform a certain activity and to choose a particular route to get to the activity location.

Scientific challenges

Only little knowledge exists concerning the determinant factors that shape the activity choices of active mode travellers. Furthermore, existing research on route choice factors has mostly been limited to a few factors due to the lack of data collection and process techniques in the past. This research aims to merge data from various sources, including for example stated preference data, structured interviews, geographic information data and GPS-tracks, in order to study empirically route and activity choice factors. Special attention will be paid to potential correlations between route choice factors and activity choices.