SCRIPTS (Smart Cities’ Responsive Intelligent Public Transport Systems)


Demand responsive public transport systems (DRPTS) are a hybrid combination of fixed services such as conventional public transport systems (with fixed routes and schedules) and flexible services such as shared cabs, private cabs and, paratransit (with flexible routes and schedules).  The objective of the research is to develop models which optimise the operation of services (optimal network design) incorporating the dynamic interaction of demand and supply.  An agent based simulation method is proposed for the research in which each user and vehicles are modelled as individual agents who interact with each other.

Scientific challenges

The scientific challenges that have to be overcome occur at various levels.  On the supply side the challenge lies in modelling the operations of the system serving real time requests.  On the demand side the challenge lies in modelling the route choice of users and how they vary with the supply.  At a higher level, the challenge is in modelling he dynamic interaction between demand and supply (how he demand and supply change and interact with each other).  Incorporating the objectives of operator and the user in the optimisation model is another major challenge.

Societal relevance

The research is aimed at increasing the efficiency of a public transport system by optimising the service provisions and operations from the supply side and increasing the service area and demand served by the public transport systems from the demand side.  The research enables to make public transport systems more attractive to users thereby inducing a mode shift from private vehicles which will help reduce congestion on roads and adverse environmental impacts such as pollution.  The research will enable the inclusion of users (from low demand areas)  which were not served by the conventional public transport system and will act as a testbed for policymakers and planners to investigate the various innovative on-demand services and the implications of their integration with conventional public transport systems.

Jishnu Narayan

Start/end date: 28th June 2016 – June 2020
Daily supervisor: Oded Cats, Niels van Oort
Promotor: Serge Hoogendoorn