Traveller behaviour in the mulitimodal network of public transport and bike as feeder mode


The research is to determine what a bike + public transport multimodal network should look like especially from the bike part. And to improve the car-free lifestyle by improving the use of bike + public transport. The research is to investigate the role of cycling in multi modal transport chains (in particular access and egress), e.g. the disutility of the bike part and what causes this disutility, what impact reducing this disutility could have to increasing the attractiveness of public transport, and how the cycling system influence the route choice of public transport, how to render multimodal information to improve the travellers’ experience in the multimodal network, etc. This research would involve estimating choice models in multi-modal transport networks.

Scientific challenges

The first scientific challenge is to set up the choice set generation or datebase.
The second scientific challenge is to reduce the external “noise’ when estimating the model.

Main scientific questions:

  1. Gets new empirical insight on bike + public transport demand by analysing the traveller travel behaviour.
  2. To investigate the role of bike part in the multimodal transport mode and route choice
  3. Predict the demand of multimodal transport in different cycling parts improvement cases
  4. To investigate what is kind of multimodal information is proper to the travel.

Societal relevance

This research result can be applied into transport planning department, to help the policy maker such as railway department and municipal make proper decision on how to design the modern multimodal transport network, especially the bike+ public transport network. They are promising in reducing the congestions on the road. In addition, the analysis on the mulltimodal network can provide insights into the potential benefits of traveller using the  active mode and public transport.

Xiaochen Ma

Start/end date: 02-16-2016 to 02-16-2020
Daily supervisor: Oded cats
Promotor: Serge Hoogendoorn